Wednesday, April 9, 2003

Thursday with Elliot Naylor

The opening of Chapter 4 is now up over at Naylor's Canberra.

"... Stephen came to collect me. He’d adjusted well, shoulders and smile firmly in place, like his politely expensive suit and brash white-collared banker’s shirt and candy-striped schoolboy tie. ... I put my hand in his, my face adjusting to mirror his confident, commercial smile."

Oh, and can anyone help me with a query? The term "Elliot Naylor" has been returning up to 40 hits a day from Google UK since the weekend. The peak was Monday, but it appears to have tapered since. Anyone know what might have happened to a real Elliot Naylor over there?

Regular blogging to follow soon.

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Anonymous said...

Elliot Naylor is my son. He is alive and well and living in Sheffield with me lol