Thursday, April 17, 2003

I’m desquamating at my desk

Yes desquamating. Mayhap with this cold my humours are out of balance.

I have a little patch of skin between my eyebrows that flakes irritatingly. Sometimes, if the weather’s against me and I have a shaving rash, my neck does it to. And that little crease where the side of your nose joins your face.

On a bad day, all may flake a little. I must be the only male lawyer with emergency moisturiser in his desk. I need it all the time when I’m travelling.

Also, I cut myself shaving all the time. I try to shave as little as possible over the weekend to let my skin recover. I do find, though, if I shave before I shower (yes, I do bathe my face in hot water first anyway), then shower and use a facial cleanser, that my neck comes up looking just about human.

What irritates you about your skin?

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