Monday, April 14, 2003

Monday, Monday

Maybe it was the Saturday micro-roadtrip to Williamstown (above) with the girlf.

Maybe it was lolling about Saturday evening and watching “Y Tu Mama Tambien” (as a coming of age film, did this wow the critics for anything other than its cinematography?) and “Made” (which was a watchable exercise in the a-small-guy’s-perspective crime genre).

Maybe it was a Sunday of yoga, errands, and getting caught in the rain trying while trying to help someone with her laundry and rustle up enough dollar coins for the giant tumble dryer at the laundry.

Maybe it was my fit of envy at watching a couple sign a lease for a flat over a bookstore on Rathdowne Street.

Maybe it’s that it’s a short week, followed by a roadtrip to Canberra (where I’ll get to see The Ruminator again, and meet Monkey).

It’s certainly not the erratic Melbourne rain, which I adore. Nor is it the prospect of non-stop socialisation the next few nights where I'll be juggling visiting friends, drinks functions around the Commonwealth lawyers conference, and the blogger meetup.

So. It must be Monday.

I can’t get motivated.

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