Thursday, February 5, 2004

(The snowman is also not feeling at his best. Click him for more pictures.)

Tips for the novice writer of a master’s thesis (no. 2)

It is not that I am unused to wine.

I cannot plead that as an excuse.

Note to self: when going to a grad hall and having no particular plans to sit with anyone, taking wine may be sociable, but may lead to finishing the bottle almost unaided if on one side you have people already well-stocked with vino and on the other, people who aren’t drinking.

Do not consider it your patriotic duty to finish it off simply because it is South Australian (Banrock Station wines having been available for 3 for 10 pounds at the local supermarket).

This could lead to distinct feelings of ... lethargy ... the next morning. Being, of course, the Thursday morning you have to go and see your supervisor about that draft.

There are seven delightful words a supervisor can utter to someone in this state, pushing your draft (complete with tatty brown envelope) back across the desk:

“Well, I think this is going well.”

Ah, one thinks, brain, you can now turn off for the day.

Until I went and made a rash promise to have a good draft and final reading list within three weeks. Oh, well, apparently I'm ahead of the game.

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