Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Slightly alarming

Yes, I know I’ve been a bit quiet.

Things keep creeping up on me. (And I’ve had a bit of a cold.)

Most notable thing to creep up on me today? The realisation that a seminar in college I’d volunteered to present at date that seemed comfortably removed from the here and now has suddenly become rather closer.

I am giving a 20 to 30 minute dry-run presentation, as it were, of my dissertation before next week’s Wednesday formal hall. Shame I'd not done any specific preparation before today - other than a title.

“Containing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction: North Korea, the US and international law”.

Catchy, non? Not at all a sweeping terrain to cover for a mixed audience of lawyers and non-lawyers.

Fortunately my ideas are fairly clear in my head, and I’ve just sat up and put together a 16 slide power-point presentation. (No more than four bullets to a slide, no bullet more than three lines long, and all white text on a blue background – which I thought rather nice for UN law.)

The animation is done, the spelling checked. I could probably give the speech now if I had to.

Me, obsessive? Never.

Thank god I have no fear of public speaking. And I do get a decent bottle of wine and I and a guest diner free for my pains.

Time for sleep now, methinks.

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