Sunday, February 15, 2004

(An office in the Botanic Garden greenhouses)

Picture this ... (an entry for )

For Blogger idol visitors, welcome.

I didn’t set out to put up a photoblog or become an on-line diarist, but this little law and witticism site has rapidly become the written and visual record of my year in Cambridge.

I've moved from borrowing the photos of others, to having friends host my photos, to finally having the technical nouse to decorate entries with them more or less at will.

I now waste far too much time editing photos for later use on the site, there should be a few new ones each week.

So picture any of these, if you will:

Gonville and Caius College;

Lisa's photo of Trinity Chapel and St John’s College gate;

The courtyard outside my college library;

My favourite photo from my time in Singapore; and, of course -

If you scroll down the page, some of my favourite photos from the recent three days of snow in Cambridge.

More of my photos live over here.

In wordy matters, well, just picture me: clasping a towel and chicken sandwich, locked out of my house on my first night in town; intimidated out of my wits at a "casual" function in a set of rooms with a history; or dealing with the Hogwarts-esque bureacracy of getting ready to leave and come here.

I'm having a ball, am grateful to be here, and hope the site proves entertaining to others.

Now, if only my friends would stop leaving scandalous comments. My sponsor organisation and a few former employers read this dang thing, too ...

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