Tuesday, February 17, 2004

(Mill Road cemetary)

Grad Halls and Seminars

So, last Wednesday was grad hall as usual. I went to the seminar beforehand, being given by a friend on the interaction between human rights and international trade law – particularly looking at the implications for access to water in developing countries. Pretty thought-provoking and even inspiring stuff.

He also had much more professional looking power-point slides than mine dammit.

Not sure how interdicting North Korean weapons of mass destruction on the high seas is going to cut it against that competition.

Dammit. I’m just going to have to put back in the sub-heading: “The law of piracy: AR HAR ME HEARTIES!”

I took a guest to the dinner for the first time last Wednesday: a PhD student friend from one of the newer (i.e. twentieth century) colleges, he really liked our narrow, portrait-hung dining hall. He caught a good meal too: melon starter, fish, apple strudel. Hard to go wrong or get terribly creative with that menu.

Where I went wrong was the discount Hungarian cab sav I picked up during the week. It was astonishing: it had no flavor at all, just a faint metallic aftertaste. I think I’m going to have to double what I spend on a bottle of wine, but just buy it half as often.

Thursday I should really have knocked over revising my own seminar notes, but got too little work done (when at four o’clock you decide to go take photos in the local cemetery and rifle through a second-hand book store, you have problems) and went to see “Out of Order” at the ADC, catching the little-known sport of Irish bicycle tossing on the way back.

So now I now I need to finish my seminar presentation for tomorrow. I did re-work it extensively today and practice the intro a few times. I’m hoping it should run fairly smoothly.

It’s a useful exercise to take your thesis idea, strip it down and try and make a comprehensible and (hopefully) interesting presentation for non-lawyers.

Feeling a bit blessed out to get much more done tonight though: yoga this evening was amazing. I’ve finally found a class that really works for me in Cambridge. It’s twenty minutes each way from home, but pretty close to the law school. As I was working from home today, though I got an extra forty minutes exercise into the bargain.

I’m really warming to our instructor’s eccentricities, but more about that tomorrow.

Time to go tidy up slides about pirates and weapons of mass destruction before I pop down to “The Lawyer” for an end-of-evening pint.

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