Thursday, May 22, 2003

Naylor Day

Last week's Naylor is now, belatedly, up. Elliot has further words with the cagey Jenny about his missing ex-girlfriend Marina. Does Jenny even realise she's missing? Or is she holding something back?

“She came back though,” I said, “back to Canberra. Fell in with this nutty crowd rather than finding a nice little flat in Kingston for herself.”

Jenny bent down to grind out her cigarette stub in the lank grass and then tossed it with a stone-skipping twist of her white wrist into the tangled shrubbery.

“Kingston eats money, especially if you live alone and don’t bother cooking. She’s onto a good thing here: affordable, cooking roster, and she seems to like the company.”

Visit Elliot at an increasingly awkward party.

I'll try and post twice next week to catch up. (God knows how, I'll be in the Syndey office ... )

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