Wednesday, May 7, 2003

A life lived in narrow compass

This is weird. Globe-roaming-Ben dropped me off at my serviced apartment in the heart of Canberra City (yes, that does mean something more specific than general Canberra) on Sunday night. He had to return on Monday morning to drop off my shaving gear, but that is another story entirely.

Since Sunday I have lived in a radius of, I believe, less than a kilometre. I have gone no further North than the tip of Garema Place, no further South than the Court buildings, no further West that the Wig & Pen pub and micro-brewery and no further East than the new Canberra Centre extension (it’s a shopping mall). This is a tiny, tiny area.

I don’t think I’ve ever commuted so little for work, and roamed so little afterwards. I’ve still managed to eat somewhere that is entirely new to me each night, so that’s good. Monday I had dinner with my sister and a lawyer friend at Flavours of India in Civic, which was good – and last night with Marissa I checked out a new Thai place in the Sydney building, also very good. (Marissa’s recent trip photos will be marvellous once blogger choses to display them.) Tonight I dine with Jason of the essay-length comments and Globe-roaming-Ben. Tomorrow the parents return from Queensland (Noosa, half their luck) so family commitments from then through to my Saturday departure I expect.

So once the parents are back, I imagine my sister will drive me out to the property and that’ll break my little one kilometre bubble by quite a bit.

It’s funny, I increasingly feel I’m living in some terribly sophisticated village, well-stocked with dining options and beer. I am getting the travel-allowance-bloated feeling, though. There’s only so long you can continually dine out without your body begging for a meal that’s just a plain salad.

Right, time to work. I’ve no idea how I’m going to get some Naylor posted tomorrow.

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