Monday, May 5, 2003

In Canberra once again

Here I am, back in the homeland.

Well, the area I went to school at least. So, I attended my school reunion Saturday night, I had fun, but it illustrated one point admirably: I've kept in touch with a select group of people for a reason. It was very interesting to see how people were doing, but there were no surprise recognitions of people I should really have kept up with and haven't. Also interesting to note that almost everyone had a generic corporate job. Ah, the benefits of middle-class, private education.

We all wound up afterwards at Filthy McFadden's, a pub that could almost be a metaphor for how little Canberra seems to change while you are away.

Anyway, it's been fabulous to see earth-roaming-Ben again, and pass Sunday with him. Am now safely ensconsced in the apartment booked by work, where I did not sleep as well as the seemingly comfortable surrounds might indicate.

I loathe 5 am garbage collections. Particularly when it's recycling day and there are giant skips filled with glass bottles from the nearby restaurants. Argh. Still, the apartment is very centrally located, and the parents are back Thursday - at which point my old room may start looking good.

Nonetheless, we're busy, I'm sharing a computer (don't ask) and blogging on stolen time.

More from nostalgia lane later.

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