Friday, May 2, 2003

Meredith's Friday writing class

I've taken the challenge, writing a paragraph where every word contains the letter 'e'. Not as tricky as it sounded, though my result is pompous, Romanticised and riddlingly obscure.

Life’s course

Every achievement I’ve ever made came unexpectedly. Well, perhaps I’ve misphrased. The issue, the key, I’ve discovered lies outside some settled project. Travel, therein the necessity: objectives seldom are themselves achieved, yet opportunities come when we move purposefully. Other wonders then result, perhaps unintentionally. The place, the time - these are essential, however, mere chance doesn’t present opportunities alone. Active travel between life’s new stages creates new openings, new chances. Teleology? Redundant concept. We are choice-made, usage-shaped. Destiny comes of desire lived, flexibility, chances seized.

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