Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A remarkably Cambridge kitchen conversation

Sunny Californian flatmate: "Hey, how's the cold?"

Doug: "Mostly better. I've assigned my residual barking cough its own name and personality."

Flatmate: "What've you named it?"

Doug: "Ponzo the trained seal."

Flatmate: "Ponzo? Isn't that from Waiting for Godot?"

Doug: "Very possibly."

Flatmate: "As in Ponzo and Lucky, slave-owner and slave?"

Doug: "Which was the slave-owner again? Ponzo or Lucky?"

Flatmate: "Ponzo, which is totally appropriate in this case."

Doug coughs with a seal-like bark, then asks: "How so?"

Flatmate: "Because the cough totally owns you, not the other way around, my friend."

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