Sunday, February 27, 2005

I am the logistics king!

Two recent examples of why I manage to top most of my friend's list of "most scarily organised people."

(1) I have managed to organise a group booking of 20 for one of the smaller, but very pleasant, May Balls - thus securing everyone a discount-priced ticket. (Discounts were for groups of 10. Just try imagining the logistics, and potentially the politics, of putting together 2 groups of *exactly* 10.)

I am even doing reasonably well so far at rounding up payment from everyone, thus avoiding footing a 1300 pound bill on my own. (Gulp.)

All this while spending around 13 hours a week rehearsing a play that has led me to, as I've put it, "cancel my life" from 6 pm Thursday gone to 11 pm Saturday coming. (PhD, what PhD?)

(2)Speaking of the play, an emerging issue in "Oh What A Lovely War!" was props management - every character each actor plays (and most have 6+) has different props and hats. Multiply that by a dozen actors in a small space and it's - well, primordial chaos, really.

Anyone would think there was a war on.

I happened to be the first to think of, and give breath to, the blindingly obvious thought: "Wouldn't it be great if everyone brought in a cardboard box to keep all their hats in?"

Result: I am still hailed as a logistical genius.

Small ideas, executed with little fuss. Some days its amazing what will impress people.

Naylor tomorrow, with luck.

But the War commences Tuesday, so maybe not.

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