Wednesday, September 3, 2003

Surely he didn’t come out and actually say that?

Back on the Californian recall election, where Arnold Schwarzenegger will be running for election if Governor Gray Davis gets the sack in a special referendum:

"Mr. Schwarzenegger has reneged on early campaign promises not to accept campaign contributions from anyone. State disclosures show he has collected more than $1 million from companies and individuals with business before the state. “I get donations from businesses and individuals absolutely, because they're powerful interests who control things,” he said today."

Including the gubernatorial candidates they've bought off, maybe?

I mean, did he really, really say that? Well, okay, he obviously did. But are we sure he knew what each word meant?

Well, I guess that’s a blunt lesson in honesty for our local politicians taking money to fund “private” campaigns …

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