Monday, September 8, 2003

10 things I’ve done recently
(1) Went to see “Little Nemo” on Saturday and had lunch at Tossolini’s with the family for early Father’s Day/late Dad’s birthday. Great film (especially all the Australian actor cameos and the “Diver Dan” reference), good food, good family time.

(2) Spent Friday night talking Italy with my best friend over pizza and wine.

(3) Bought that fashionable green triple-layer Gautex Kathmandu jacket I was wanting.

(4) On the basis of a comment below, and further pricing research, have switched my Paris accommodation to a more comfortable hotel in a better area (Madelaine-Opera) – for less money than the hostel was going to charge me for a room to myself. Bless last-minute web deals on hotel rooms, I say.

(5) Bought an iPod and got Dad to upgrade his hardware so I could copy my CDs to it. It totally rocks as a toy. However, I think I’ve now PC formatted it, and it won’t talk to an Apple after this … still, will be awesome to have all my music with me.

(6) Ate good cheese and bread, and drank beer, with friends on their back veranda, under their pergola of skeletal fig-vines basking in a glorious Canberran early-Spring Sunday afternoon.

(7) Have read my sister’s first few Art History thesis chapters in draft. I feel I know much more about the history of glass art in Australia now, and the huge influence of the Canberra School of Art Glass Workshop upon it.

(8) Have organised my Canberra farewell drinks for Thursday night at the Wig & Pen, where I am spending a suspicious amount of time since my return to Canberra. (Damn award-winning boutique micro-brewery beers.)

(9) Spent time watching Spring unfold around me: cherry trees in Canberra, and my parents’ Manchurian pear trees, are now in full bloom and surrounded by the cheerful drone of bees doing bee-things.

(10) Have spent very little time thinking about law.

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