Tuesday, September 9, 2003

A minor, utterly frustrating setback

My iPod has committed suicide.

It suddenly ran out of power (immediately after a one-hour charging) while sitting on the dock connecting it to my computer, busily (I thought) downloading music. The manual warns that if this happens, it may lose everything stored in its memory.

It has.

This is terribly disappointing. Two-and-a-half days of casual song downloading – gone. I try and load new songs, the computer says it’s done, the iPod says it’s empty.

The battery never seemed to charge fully either, and in the brief time of my owning it, never ran anything like the promised 7-8 hours. True, it might not have reached its full charge through use.

Even if fixed or replaced with a working iPod I doubt I’ll have time to copy over all the music I want before leaving.

I am seriously tempted to take the thing back and mail myself a thick CD wallet and my old portable discman.

And before anyone asks, yes I have tried everything it says in the manual – except reinstall the software, because the download would take ages over my parents’ rural modem. I’m saving that joy until I have spoken to my local Apple dealer at 9 am sharp today and they have told me there’s no other option.

Seriously not happy Jan.

Ah, listen to me whining. Smile and take the British-ness test below.

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