Monday, May 23, 2005

A rather fine weekend: or "Glad that's behind me"

Friday: Midday. Beg off going to London on Saturday, as I'm feeling a bit flat and aiming to turn in my first year paper Monday.

4 pm. Supervisor (or "he who wields mighty red pen fiercely) informs me that my paper looks fine to submit and informs me the date of my first-year viva. I make "meep" noises and go to inform a flatmate.

5.45 pm. Yoga-riffic yoganess of yoga. Spend an hour with some of the other girls (when it come to yoga we are all, even at our most manly, one of the girls) in the new college sports pavilion. The weights room currently lacks, well, weights. Perfect space for yoga: lovely view of the grounds, and finishing with the sound of heavy rain on a tin roof.

8.15 pm. Float to the pub and curry, conversational speed down to 10 words a minute.

Saturday: decide I will go to London if I can get enough done by lunch. Buzz round to the library, check a few footnotes; print two copies of paper at the one place I can use a printer for free (even if the print quality's a little off); collect some stationary supplies prior to binding.

Bolt to London. Evening commences when I meet Jasmine and Peter and head to Sonia and Michael's drinks. A minor pub-crawl around Liverpool St ensues when it become apparent that (1) The Light Bar doesn't open until 6 pm; and (2) it's FA Cup Final day.

Evening finishes with mango daiquiris at a house party in East Putney. Or more aptly, with wandering past Regent's park looking for Marylebone Street at 3 am.

Not noticing, of course, that Marylebone Street in fact runs past Regent's park - in the opposite direction to the way we needed to be going from Baker St station.

I hate it when I confidently say: "We need to go left!" before contemplating that the Station may have exits on two different streets.

Sunday: return to Cambridge via a stop in the Camden markets for a quick goat curry and a spot of shoe-buying. Arrive in Cambridge too late for cricket, in time for the Pimms, and with long enough to scrub up before a blind wine-tasting.

Monday: submit first year paper by 11 am, 24 days early.

Proceed to lounge in the sun.

Academic life can be hell.

Well, it may yet be. My viva is scheduled for 10 am the morning after the Grad Law Ball. Nothing like turning up to an exam in black tie, empty champagne bottle in one hand and a glass of berrocca in the other ...

PS annual dinner photos are up ...

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