Sunday, May 1, 2005

Here's a groovy visitor having his first go at punting! Happy birthday Jase! Posted by Hello

Land of the seven-hour garden party

Today I went to cricket practice at 3, then left to go to a garden party on Darwin Island, arriving at 3.30. A perfect Spring day in Cambridge by the river, finishing with drinks outdoors at the Anchor.

Got home at 10.30 from the pub and practiced my seminar presentation to the PhD group tomorrow. It needs trimming.

This week? Not too busy.

Give a seminar tomorrow (no, wait, later today dammit), then go train for Ultimate Frisbee. Going to formal hall at Cauis (say "keys") on Tuesday. Have a vistor Wednesday, and am organiser for a pre-dinner talk (in charge of publicity and looking after the guest speaker). Formal Hall after the talk (I have 5 or 6 guests and the speaker), followed by opening night of a friend's play. Thursday I have a reception hosted by the trustees of my funding body, followed by an election-night party. Friday another 30th birthday. Saturday a Dr Who viewing, and Sunday a cricket match.

I'm also supposed to squeeze in a game (OK, hit-about) of tennis at some point.

But the weirdest part of my life recently? Farewell drinks for a friend off to Rwanda to be part of a defence team for a general implicated in the genocide.

Surreal? Never.

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