Tuesday, May 31, 2005

President Bertie Wooster

A friend drew my attention to the NY Times article, “From Jenna's Ex to a Presidential Jeeves”, a piece on President Bush’s personal aide Blake Gottesman (think Charlie in “The West Wing”, just to muddle the cultural references some more).

What I particularly adore is the (rather less than?) inadvertent intimation of a Woosterish President:

“But Gottesman, what are we going to do about Aunt Agatha’s stranglehold on Supreme Court nominations?”

“I have observed her grip tends to weaken after her third or fourth post-prandial refreshment. I would recommend, if it were my place, the holding of a State Ball immediately prior to the hearings.”

“And then a few whiskies and light on the soda, eh Gottesman?”

“As you say, sir, the merest intimation of soda would ordinarily suffice. The following day I suspect she would not have her usual appetite for drawn out skirmishes in the committee room. The tie perhaps a shade shorter, sir, if I may?”

“But if this first-rate plan of yours fails to ignite, I shall be left beaten and cowed, cowed I say, for the rest of the Senate session!”

“Well, sir, in that eventuality, one could always retreat to a safe distance until tempers had subsided. The former Soviet republics are particularly charming in the Spring.”

“I’d never make it out of the residence without her noticing.”

“Well sir, I have observed that there is a particularly stout drainpipe immediately adjacent the Lincoln bedroom balcony …”

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