Sunday, April 25, 2004

(Punts at the Anchor, click for more riverside frolics.)

Running barefoot over the grass ...

Yesterday was simply too lovely to stay indoors and study.

Fortunately, I had rehearsals as an excuse to get out into the open (and take photos, filed under "Spring Sun") – and we even managed to spend half the day in the gardens where the show will be staged in May week.

Now I’m off to spend ANZAC day evening out by the river, having sent this invitation out by e-mail:

My fellow Australians

Sunday is Anzac day, a day for patriots.

Some will go to a dawn service, but the true blue will rise late the better that they may raise a glass at a pub - and have a beer or octeen.*

Some will cry, "But Doug - there are exams to study for!"

To which I can only answer, is that the spirit that allowed our victorious fallen to overwhelm Attaturk, seize the Dardanelles, strangle Axis shipping and liberate Poland all before tea-time?**

So, The Granta, 6.30, Sunday. Be there.



*A number having a value only in beer maths. Extensive research has only been able to establish it is a number greater than three.

**Sacrifices to historical accuracy and spelling may have been made.

Anything is better than wrapping my head around exceptions to multi-lateral discipline under WTO trading arrangements.

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