Wednesday, April 21, 2004

The best line from a dinner party on Sunday

The South African flatmate surveyed a table of Canadians, Australians a Yank and herself and declared (in this Brit-free, English-speaking, post-colonial environment): “It’s so great to be among people who know the meaning of the word pants.”

The rest of the evening is lost not so much in the mists of time as the mists of a pint of Guiness, a gin and tonic, indeterminate quantities of red and white wine and mead.

There is much to be said for slowly drinking two litres of lemonade on ones own before bedtime.

The exam timetable is out, and so is Paris

Against all expectations (but not unfortunately against actionable legitimate expectations of due process) my law exams start one week earlier than they have in previous years. So the little yellow slip in my college pigeon hole informed me on Saturday.

This means I would no longer be returning from Paris around 1 am on Friday 21 May with at least three more days to swot up.

It means I would be returning around 1 am on the 21st with about 8 hours to locate my material, grab a nap and drag my sorry behind to an examination room.

Not entirely happy Jan, but not entirely dismayed either. My exams are in a neat little cluster and all over in a week. Shame they commence one month today.

At least, contrary to the impression blogging only the interesting(ish) bits of my may generate, I’ve been working …

"Look at moiye, look at moiye, Kimmoiye, look at moiye ploi-se"

Kath & Kim is now making a big splash as a cult cable show in the UK.

Meanwhile I've been giggling every ride to and from the law school at passing a local wok-noodle takeaway joint called, no word of a lie guv'nor, "Kym-moi".

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