Thursday, April 29, 2004

Heart Palpitations

An e-mail exchange between a lawyer writing a thesis on containing weapons of mass destruction by interdicting ships in international waters and his supervisor:

Dear Supervisor

I submitted my thesis on Tuesday, and of course by Thursday morning the Security Council has passed a new resolution on domestic measures to contain the proliferation of WMD.

I don't see that anything in the resolution touches directly on interdiction in international waters, and I imagine it would have been a one-sentence issue. (Unless I'm deluding myself.)

Am just faintly worried that my examiners might expect a reference to it, given its appearence before the final submission deadline.

Is it best not to worry - or should I see if it is possible to retrieve a submitted thesis?



The instantaneous reply:
don't worry - the examiners certainly won't think that you should have
added new material at this stage! No need to retrieve the thesis!

Thank the sweet merciful gods of international law is all I can say.

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