Monday, March 22, 2004

Random randomness

Booked a lot of travel last week.

So I am going to Dublin on my lonesome for two nights/three days on Thursday, just because I could get there and back for 25 pounds (most of which is taxes, the airline component in 34 pence).

I have two or three days back in Cambridge, before heading to Berlin for two nights/three days with a flatmate.

Then there’s at least two of us, but it could possibly rise to as many as four, who have booked for a three day holiday in Paris in the week before exams commence.

We’re selling it to ourselves as motivation to get the work done early, then take a break and unwind and head back into exams raring to go.

Some have called this sensible, some have said “good idea … but brave”, some have muttered something along the lines of “suicide”.

It’s not like I need to get a first because I’ve applied to stay on for the PhD or anything.

Oh, wait, damn – I have.

… Maybe I should just not be allowed to buy things on line any more. I booked all that travel with a three day window.

PS in other news Christopher Eccleston of "Shallow Grave" and "28 Days Later" is apparently going to play the new Dr Who. I thought Eccleston was amazing as the weirdly deluded army officer in 28 Days, and it'll be really interesting to see what the Beeb does in reviving this childhood favourite.