Monday, March 15, 2004

Another frantic end-of-term

Right, yes, last week got a bit busy didn’t it?

Saturday 6th, the promotional jumpers for the play were distributed at rehearsal: bright red, hooded and groovy. Have been more or less living in mine since.

Sunday 7th, got in from a drink or two and decided it would be a good thing to distract my Italian flatmate from his dinner party and get him to shave my head. We’d been talking about it for a while and took the final decision with only a few eyebrow motions and hand-gestures.

Monday 8th, was informed by many people they liked the new hair (but thought it, the hooded jumper and black leather jacket was perhaps making a bit of a statement).

Tuesday 9th, the Grantchester experience, and a first meeting for the radio-play project I’m doing this week. Went afterwards to stand-up comedy and for a drink at the Eagle with the director.

Wednesday 10th, attended rehearsal in black tie before going to Lent Term dinner.

Thursday 9th, stumbled into a 9 am class, went home and napped, went to an utterly surreal play (Saint-Genet’s, “The Balcony”), a friend’s birthday drinks and wound up drinking red wine until midnight with debater’s in someone’s rooms at Trinity.

Friday 10th, had a verse-speaking and radio-play workshop for next week’s recording of “The Spanish Tragedy”, the Italian flatmate’s visiting mother cooked us a three course meal (saffron rice, pollo alla Romano, marinated strawberries with brown sugar and cream), and went to the Anchor for last drinks.

Saturday 11th, play rehearsal, Bun Shop brunch, spontaneous punting with people from the play (where on the River we found many an actor who had ducked rehearsal … ).

Sunday 12th, a lazy day, capped off with one quick drink with the law grads at The Mitre (followed by an overdue call to the family).

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I and a select one thousand other people are off to meet Prince Charles.

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