Thursday, June 19, 2003

Wintertime, and the living is easy

Ah, the first doonah-struggle morning of the season, when despite disciplined habits waking early only means gently half-awake dozing until the alarm goes off. Time to declare winter, the start of Melbourne’s grey-sky months.

Blogger meetup last night, something else I could easily grow nostalgic for. Catching the train home, I stopped in the gentle drizzle outside the entrance to Central station. I was such a soft evening: the illuminated gold stone of the State Library, the fractured neon of the RMIT fa├žade, the cranes and skeletal construction of the new QVB building – everything just softly misted by rain, and wine, and the hour. Everything an impressionist haze or flat and black-mirror perfect as tram-tracks in the rain.

A moment to reflect on the big questions. Should I register my own domain name? Upgrade to movable type? Shop about for a new template (despite being secretly rather happy with my off-the-peg look)?

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