Thursday, June 26, 2003

Literary legislation

In all the fuss about the Senate granting new powers to our security intelligence apparatus to hold detain people incommunicado for a week's worth of fireside chats with a retired judge, an important development in our legal landscape has gone unreported.

The Financial Services Reform Amendment Bill was introduced into Parliament this week. It contained the following at Item 14 of the Schedule of amendments to the Corporations Act 2001:

14 Subsection 766C(7)

Omit "not to be", substitute "to be, or not to be,".

The Bill has been referred to the Senate Economics Legislation Committee. Probably to consider issues of intertextuality and cliche.

And another thing: lost in translation

A story such as this is enough to afright the sternest future globe trotter who posses only a limited grasp of the languages he'll need en route (in my case, Italian).

Check it out; in particular, the comments just left me in hysterics.

(Link found on emptywishes.)

Finally ...

For the handful of fans, Naylor is up for the week.

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