Thursday, June 12, 2008

End of the teaching term

“So, what do you do when you’re not teaching?”

There have been a couple of signs my first teaching year has gone well. Not all the course assessment forms have been processed yet, but I’ve scored well on the survey numbers I’ve seen so far. I’ve also had a lot of requests for reference writing, and I suppose students must think you’re OK – or somehow impressive – to ask for a reference. And, most pleasingly, some of my International Criminal Law students invited me for a drink, where the question above was asked.

In theory, I’m meant to be turning the PhD into a book. However, before I even get back to work on the book, by the end of this week I am meant to:
  • settle the marks on my exam with the second marker (done);
  • meet with my faculty-appointed mentor to check on my progress (done);
  • help draft an advice for a colleague (fun, but lots of work);
  • write a book review;
  • peer-review an article for a journal a colleague edits;
  • respond to queries from an author on the last article I peer-reviewed for a journal;
  • chat with a friend about a line of argument in their PhD;
  • speak with someone the faculty may be recruiting as a consultant/external teacher on a pilot project I seem to be taking the lead on; and
  • write a 3,000 word journal note on Somalian piracy (present draft over 5,000 words).

Still, I’m not complaining. It’s good to be busy doing things you enjoy, and the real upside of academic life is the variety and freedom to manage your own time.

Oh, and I’ve just discovered I may have committed myself to too much classroom teaching next year as I didn’t realise you get teaching credit for supervising new research students. Seems obvious that that should count as teaching once pointed out, though, doesn’t it?

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coelacanth said...

That's lies and you know it.

You didn't mention 'looking after your wife' or 'cleaning up after your wife' or 'listening to incessant prattling from your wife'.

Or 'drinking wine in the sun in the park with your wife and knowing that all's right with the world' for that matter - where are your priorities, man?

Happy anniversary, Doug!