Monday, June 2, 2008

Blogging revisited

Courting Disaster has been off-line for nearly 18 months – and let’s face it, it was hardly updating regularly towards the end of that time.

So, here we are: rebooted and hopefully updating two or three times a week.

In brief, the last eighteen months have consisted of:

  • moving house (yes, again!) in December 2006, to the most adorable part of Cambridge, Newnham;
  • interviewing for three or four teaching positions and being offered a lectureship at a London university;
  • submitting the PhD thesis in May 2007;
  • marrying the love of my life in Canberra in June 2007;
  • being examined on the PhD in August 2007;
  • starting the new job in September 2007;
  • crawling elated, scared and knackered by turns through a first term of teaching (while commuting from Cambridge);
  • graduating from the PhD and having a second wedding ceremony (well, a blessing) for UK friends and visiting Australian family in November 2007;
  • having a quiet Christmas in Dahab, Egypt;
  • crawling elated, scared and knackered – but generally more confident - through a second term of teaching;
  • writing questions for and administering exams (and there’s a blog in that!);
  • marking, marking and bloody marking exams (only 84 undergraduate essays, three dissertations, 92 exam scripts and double marking the same again);
  • proposing a couple of new courses;
  • getting the PhD turned into a book proposal, peer-reviewed, committee-approved and a contract issued with a publisher; and
  • oh, look it’s just about our first wedding anniversary.

Busy? Just a bit.


The Organic Viking said...

Most fabulous to have another blog to read. It is now time to go and create a 'blogs' folder in my favourites. PhD life, eh?

Re: the elderflower fritters. If she makes them, you get to eat them.

the trainee said...

Yo baby! You gots yourself a typo.

A quite Christmas? Yes. Quite.

Doug said...

Ah yes, fixed!

Beth said...

Great to see you online again! Looking forward to hearing more detail on all of the above...

Davo said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere Doug!

Ben B said...

Doug - Great to see you back in the land of the blogging - and congrats on the graduation/wedding(s)/job/book proposal/making it to your exam!

jano said...

Yay! You're back! I was just going through my links, to delete all the dead ones - and there you are. Congratulations on all the stuff, particularly the wedding - excellent work.