Friday, June 4, 2004

Only in Cambridge ...

Could it be said that on the one day I was drinking since noon (LLM farewell drinks at the faculty) and wound up crashing a Law Lord's garden party before going punting.

I can now honestly say I have been off ferretting for a lost croquet ball in Lord Mustill's undergrowth.

I am also in the peculiar position of still not having a confirmed PhD place, but having both funding and someone who is not yet my supervisor advising me to change my topic.

(It seems that Big Names are muscling in on the ole WMD proliferation territory and there may be nothing original left to say in 3 years. Am not yet convinced personally, but will need to do some reading over summer.

It also turns out my LLM dissertation supervisor was on the committee that put my name forward to the scholarship organisation that accepted me. It's who you know, kids ... )

It's a little scary two weeks ahead of results to have people treating me like a sure thing.

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