Friday, June 18, 2004

Doom doom doom - go home now!

Law results are published at the Senate House tomorrow. Apparently some dude comes out onto a balcony, reads them out, then tosses a set of papers down to the ground where they are scooped up and posted on boards.

I am not entirely sold on this myth of how things happen.

I do know that results could be posted at any point between 9 am and 4 pm. (Apparently the faculty chair has hinted that it will be earlier rather than later, and I know the examination committee convened at 9 am Thursday to finalise results.)

I also know for a fact that the results are posted by name and division (first, two one, two two, third, fail). Everyone knows what you got. The slim saving grace is the results within divisions are published alphabetically, not by rank order.

You have to go to your college Director of Studies (or "doss" in the slang) to find out where you finished within your division.

Serious nerves about the whole process, especially as the ordinary requirement to stay on for the PhD is a first.

In other news, in my first two hours "live" as a telephone fund raiser I netted my college 1,600 pounds over three years. God bless the occasional generous law firm partner who's at home to take the call. (She even complimented me on my charm.)

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