Thursday, May 6, 2004

Hurm, had not quite counted on that ...

When beginning to lay plans to stay on the UK until Christmas to "wait and see" what might happen with the PhD application, I should perhaps have checked my return air ticket terms and conditions.

The kinda sorta plan was that I'd start a job in London in August and then fly home at Christmas regardless of whether I was going to be working in London or studying Cambridge as of October this year.

Except my return journey expires in September.

Yes, yes, dear reader. I knew this when I left: return tickets are only good for a year. I just mislaid that fact along the way.

So, unless I find something really worth staying for, looks like I'm home in September.

Home and unemployed.

Of course, if I get into the PhD and get funding, I'll have to be back here by October.

Confused yet? I am. And I'd better start applying seriously for jobs in Australia, too, by the look of things ...

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