Thursday, May 13, 2004

Ch-ch-changes ...

So, I should be studying for my WTO exam.

But last night was the annual dinner at college, with a "Great Gatsby" theme and both "serious" (colour) and "humorous" (costume, sepia) photos.

My three-pound costume consisted of a fake monocle on a ribbon - and shaving my head again. It took a truly evil grin to scrunch up my face muscles enough to keep the monocle in place.

Just call me "the mad baron". (No, do, the photos are here. Yes, I did spend my evening hugging people. That kind of night.)

Anyway, after drinking industrial-strength after-dinner cocktails in the common room until the wee-small hours and walking home with the Italian Sociologist (and near-neighbours the Californian Archaeologist and the Canadian Criminologist) at two this morning I have felt a Gatsby-esque lethargy about work.

The kind accompanied by a sense of fatigue and dehydration.

And euphamisms.

The result has been that rather than study, I've found a new template and tinkered it into what you see before you. It should fix any problems people were having reading the far right hand of the page in some browsers (I hope).

I like it, clap hands and comment if you do to.

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