Wednesday, January 14, 2004

On the topic of spelling mistakes

… especially those not to make when writing a paper the law of naval warfare, in particular when writing on the use of a “blockade” to prevent the shipment by sea of potential war-supplies to an enemy state.

So, with this in mind, have you ever noticed how close “d” and “g” are on a qwerty keyboard?

It makes it really easy for “naval blockade” to become “naval blockage” – which certainly sounds uncomfortable for any naval officers involved, but is probably much less effective as a tool of economic warfare.

Spell check won’t catch it either, of course. Just another way Microsoft can wage a war of attrition on my sanity.

That’s right, a poor typist should always blame his tools.

By the way, on matters military, if you're looking for weapons grade plutonium for your plans for world domination (bwah hah hah!) go no further than ... (Thanks for the link Dan.)

PS Singapore: forgot to mention that I added Jolene's version n to my links last week - a native Singaporean and fellow Cambridge debater; coupled with a l's wuyuetian I seem to have a burgeoning affinity for Singapore blogs.

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