Thursday, November 13, 2003

Twenty-eight tomorrow

Yup, by the time those in Australia are reading this it will be my birthday.

My plans for my birthday consist of going to my intellectually straining History and Theory of International Law class from 10 – 12, a play rehearsal from 1 – 6 and my own house-party from 8 onwards.

I have not yet bought any drink or nibbles for the party, and am not certain when I will have time to do so … hmmm …

In the course of the party my “billet” from the Cambridge-hosted Debating Intervarsity should arrive, which will be interesting. Then on the Saturday I am meant to judge rounds of debating, hand out flyers for the play and go to another rehearsal.

How that will dove-tail with the party is anyone’s guess.

My lovely family sent me a birthday parcel, which arrived yesterday, containing a lovely woven silk tie from my sister and a gorgeous green merino-wool jumper from the parents (along with a batch of toasty winter socks).

Have hardly stopped wearing the jumper, which is just the sort of green that cheers me up. The sleeves may be a teeny tiny fraction short (as mum worried over in a note), but this is not at all noticeable once I’ve turned up the cuffs of whatever shirt I’m wearing under it.

I know Naylor is overdue, but it may have to wait for next week at present – between being a little social, the debating and the play, there hardly seems time to draw breath, let alone study.

Not that that stopped me spending nearly three hours with an international relations student friend cooking up her (assigned) presentation on why the UK was right in the Security Council to support an arms embargo on the Bosnia/Herzegovina conflict, despite the Bosnian claim it interfered with their right to self-defence, especially against genocide.

We'd pretty much prepared a moot presentation by the end of it - a lot of fun, and at least partially relevant to the issues I need to be thinking about myself - but mostly just me trying to offer a lifeline to someone who has way too much work due too early.

Right, off to bed now. When I wake up, I’ll be a whole year older. Right now, that doesn’t disturb me in the slightest – despite being frantically busy and behind on personal projects, thesis research and course reading, I don’t think I’ve ever felt more generally comfortable or confident in my life.

Not bad for a birthday.

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