Sunday, August 24, 2003

Let the madness begin

My last week at work and my last week in Melbourne. Between farewell events and nerves, this is going to be one weirded-out, sleep deprived kind of week. (Especially once my bed leaves tomorrow.)

Also, my replacement starts today, so training him up – and having someone at my elbow all week – could seriously cramp my blogging.

Mental notes:

(1) when a mite stressed and sleep deprived, do not drink to excess at farewell functions – this may end badly;

(2) remember to gift wrap presents for the boss and the PA early this week, you forgot them both at Christmas, they at least deserve a thank-you now;

(3) if anything will ever allow me to achieve Zen-like contempt for material possessions, it’s moving: packing all my crap again and compiling an inventory for when my parents take possession from the removalists is leading my to see said crap as – well – crap;

(4) though I did an excellent thing returning almost all my library books to the Northcote branch on Sunday, I still have “To the Lighthouse”; now that I am without a car I will need to post it back;

(5) remind Canberra friends I am back as of this weekend for two weeks;

(6) make the big Gautex vs goose-down jacket decision before the Katmandu sale starts on Friday (I think Gautex will win, despite my mother’s lobbying for down – maybe the answer is a triple layer Gautex jacket and a down vest … );

(7) call removalists – why have they not faxed through a job confirmation? They’re due tomorrow, dammit; and

(8) despite (1), gin may well be my friend this week …

What are your tips for things to do in a last week at work?

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