Wednesday, July 2, 2003

What in the weird? Weirdness in brief

1. Potter-the-Devil: These sites are everywhere, but this is one of the more amusing - Demon-Buster: Harry Potter. I particularly like “I was informed that REAL curses are in the books”, but don’t worry, they’ve not read the book to see: “DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME DEFENDING HARRY POTTER. WE DON'T READ IT. We read the Bible.”

Of course, children should be allowed to read Tolkein, but never Rowling – as she promotes evil.

It takes all sorts, I suppose.

2. We can keep guns at home, but not swords. I wonder if the local gun-lobby will protest about the right to bear samurai swords or the rights of recreational or sporting crossbow shooters? Despite the recent murderous samurai supermarket rampage in the states, I’ve not yet heard “swords don’t kill people, people kill people”.

It's OK, though, you can keep your machete.

3. Suburban quagmire: how often in inner-urban Melbourne does the fire brigade have to rescue people at night from perilous quicksand? The ABC reports: “Firefighters in Melbourne have rescued two women stuck up to their belly buttons in mud.”

Is it just me, or is the most amusing part of the report the use of “belly buttons” by our national broadcaster?

4. Do this right now before someone fixes it!: Go to then type: weapons of mass destruction.

Don't press Search!

Next click the "I'm feeling lucky" button - and read the error message carefully ...

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