Friday, July 25, 2003

Alrighty, then

Yesterday’s Naylor is now up (I just plain forgot) and hopefully it represent a return to form.

Anyone who wants to take a geek and tell me why some entries, such as this and this, have started publishing in a different font to the one in the template (see this entry) please do!

Much to blog (including a debate among friends as to the correct use of “thankyou” and “thank you” or “alright” and “all right”, not to mention my initiation into the views of “purists” as to the merits of non-table formatting), but little time as I overslept.

Question of the day: should I get an iPod and use it to take my CD collection overseas with me for a year? (Slightly-lower-than-CD-quality sound is less an issue with my jazz collection - as much of it has already been digitally remastered from vinyl or tape and is not likely to be a full CD-quality anyway.) Seems like it could be a big saving on space and having to whittle down a choice of albums, but is it a good item to take travelling? Can I get it duty free? Hmm …

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