Friday, October 17, 2008

Welcome to pirate-town, we hope you enjoy your stay ...

So, I've posted previously on "polite pirating" off Somalia.

And I've followed with interest the story of the pirates who seized a ship carrying 33 Ukranian battle-tanks, has had a long stand-off with the US navy; meanwhile another hijacked vessel has been liberated by the army of Puntland.

I've known for some time from UN reports that in the Puntland area there are "pirate command centres" and even official pirate spokesmen.

But the surrealism of Somalia's increasingly pirate-based economy reaches dizzying heights with the Port of Eyl where restraunts have been established to feed hostages seized for ransom.

"Welcome to the maison des hostages, may we recommend the beef this evening? We hope you enjoy your meal."

This may even beat inviting your hostages to a BBQ.

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