Thursday, March 3, 2005

The Home Front

Rifle drill (me far left) Posted by Hello

My flatmates rock. They threw me flowers at curtain call tonight: tulips and lilies. They kind of caught me in the head, but never mind.

The front two rows of stage right were college friends. A trifle intimidating, but the Americans loved the “Texan pirate” accent I attempt for my American role.

Anyway, some extremely good photos from the play are now up over here. I can’t claim credit for them, they were taken by a photographer for one of the two student papers here. The one of me sitting and reading featured in today’s rather favourable review. I was praised for my “confidence”, though my name was misspelled.

What is it they say about publicity?

For those who don’t know “Oh What A Lovely War!” it’s a musical satire of the first world war (and implicitly, all war) but is framed as an end-of-the-pier Edwardian pierrot show (hence the clown outfits), which becomes more militaristic and dark as it progresses.

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