Friday, December 19, 2003

Miscellaneous miscellany

There are now even more photos up over here. (Imaginately named "A new set".)

A few are of everyone looking very pretty at the college Christmas dinner, which was some time ago now (yes, it was held early). There’s one of the cast of the play and one more “Cambridge view” shot.

But - a gem for the curious – there’s a photo of the mathematician-flatmate’s equations, not on a window, but the edge of the bath closest the toilet seat. (Shudder.)

In other news: I went to see Lord of the Rings and it rocked. I then wound up talking about it endlessly in the pub afterwards. Seems there is no ceiling limit on Tolkein-geekiness in Cambridge: we all knew way too much stuff about the books, and even the Silmarillion.

But of course, there’s no geeky like RPG geeky. Not that I could ever comment on that. Ahem.

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