Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Latest installment of Naylor
Guest blog by Lyn

Some of you may be aware that Doug has been posting a crime serial online – you can find it here. I received a draft of final chapter yesterday with instructions to post it here, as it is a work in progress. To aid new readers, I’ve included the last two sentences from the previous chapter, just to get you all in the mood. I think Doug will appreciate your feedback.

The conclusion of Naylor: pages 102 – 103.

I knew it wouldn’t be as simple as that of course. What I didn’t suspect was how much less simple, and how very much more painful things were going to get.

* * * *

“I wish I had a hacksaw”, said Marina pensively.

I’d found Marina. Or rather, she’d found me. I’d been whacked on the head with a shovel, and chained to a bathtub. Marina now hovered over me with a complete set of dental instruments, a blender, and what looked like a microwave wired into a lawnmower.

“Before you kill me Marina”, I said, trying to maintain an air of nonchalance, “I’d just like to know why.”

“Why?” she asked, grinning horribly. “Well, I’m glad you ask, Elliot. I’m starting my army of zombies, and you were getting too close to the truth.”

Ah yes. My zombie theory. She knew me well.

“So will I become one of your mindless minions of darkness?”

“Hardly”, she responded. “You were annoying enough when we were dating. Besides, I’ve got enough help for the present.” A shadow fell across the shower curtain, as Jenny walked into the room, a horrible blueish tinge to her skin.

“Hello, Elliot” she said. “I’ve come to watch.”

Jenny and Marina smiled at each other. “Jenny”, Marina said. “I just can’t find that hacksaw. You know, the blue handled one. It’s my favourite.”

“I think you left it out in the kitchen, after using it on that pizza guy”, Jenny said “I’ll go get it.”

She turned, and winked at me. “Don’t worry Elliot. We won’t be keeping you too much longer.”

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